Business Principle – Make Lives Easier, Simpler

Sometimes on here I’ll post interesting business ideas I have, right down to the specifics. At other times I’ll speak more on general principles guiding a successful business.

Let’s start by identifying a need. One thing I’ve always needed since I was young is a way to save interesting articles online for posterity and re-reading later on. I was a big reader and when news and blogs emerged online, I wanted to save things before they got deleted or moved behind a paywall. In other words, I was practicing something similar to scrapbooking, which was a great childhood hobby for many people in the previous generation.

Now for someone who is technical, it’s easy for me to save documents as html files or print via chrome as a pdf, create a series of folders, and organize things the way I like. It’s so quick and easy for me that it’s hard to fathom that the same is not intuitive for people who are not so technical. This represents a larger global need but not a personal need, and it’s hard to be a successful visionary creating something that you personally don’t need.

In this example, someone can start a company letting people easily pin photos or essays or articles onto their own free personable shareable scrapbook. It’s called pinterest.

The principle here is to meet a need (especially old hobbies in a changing world) and to make life easier and more convenient for all involved, but especially the non-experts.

What would be something analogous yet uninvented? In my own field of health care, there’s a need for the medically illiterate to help them manage their medicines. What about a personal pill tracker that synchronizes with your medical chart at the doctor’s office and give you timely reminders to take your medicines on your phone, as well as information about why you’re taking a certain medication and side effects or precautions to watch out for? Google is already attempting something with its own Google Health initiative, which syncs nicely with its Android devices.


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