Business Idea – Specialty Daycare

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Given that my previous post was about the advantages of catering to the whims of the rich (and their desire for “exceptional” good/services), it’s to be expected that I’ll have thought about a particular implementation of an idea that does this.

Rich people, and even some busy working professionals in the upper middle class, living in the big cities have a hard time finding affordable child care. Yes, there are those large magnet places (one colleague called Kiddie Academy the Burger King of daycares) you can just drop off your kids at, but why not aim for the best and most specialized?

What if you (I use this term loosely) start a daycare that offers something different? I suspect most rich people want to give their kids a leg up in life without creating a pressure cooker environment so early in life. So instead of a daycare that forces kids to do homework, why not one that allows them to learn and play but immersed in another language? Mandarin is the hot niche language of the age, and any educated parent knows that being a childhood learner is better than trying to learn it as an adult.

The ideal owner-operator will be a white female (whites are more comfortable with their own kind, and Asians think whites are more loving and nurturing, while women are see in general as better with people, not to mention less likely to molest/abuse a child) who speaks fluent Mandarin at the same time. Playtime, lessons, and general language of conduct will be entirely in Mandarin. Other usual child activities like puzzles, stories, and colouring books will of course be present. The service will be marketed to wealthy upscale urban couples.

The idea was inspired in part by another coworker, who specifically hired a Hispanic au-pair to babysit her child. She specifically wanted someone who could speak Spanish to the baby. Apparently, this phenomenon of getting a leg up on your peers is starting earlier and earlier in the competitive Bay Area.


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